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Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Jenna Thomas

Jennifer (Jenna) Spettigue Thomas

I want to Welcome all who view my fine art pages. Just a break down of where "My Brush Began" and that was when I was a child art has captivated every essence of my being and I began to love to share with the world my artistic creations. I sometimes think outside the lines and rules of art of course art has no boundaries which is why I feel free to express myself. so take a look at my art and I hope you are captivated by art as I am. Jennifer (Jenna) Spettigue Thomas, is a Naturalist Artist Born and raised in Arizona on October 29 1974. Although her painting style varies she is dedicated to Painting Realism and Abstracts. Her most passionate Mediums are oil, acrylic and water color. As a Naturalist and unique artist she has created beautiful and soft tones of paintings prints and more. Learning to draw and paint at the age of five she has learned basically through nature and her world around her as she spent her days outdoors. schooling helped her along the way as she got older and majored in Ad design, art history, publishing, web-design, photography and printing. Her creative talent has taken her to new and challenging levels. With the Hesitance of publishing on-line she has overcame the obstacles from the competitive world of art. There's something uniquely peaceful and naturalistic about Jenna's paintings and extraordinary sense of peace and therapeutic wellness to her style it soothes the senses. "I think you can't look at the natural world and not think about life" she states. "I find the beauty of this world and express it through my paintings" and if that doesn't make one feel at home when you look at one of her paintings created softly in a pastel oil, then maybe a nice and bright Abstract can take you to a wonderful place. Today Jenna has  created a relatively stable, cozy, peaceful life for herself and her family in Arizona. After years of using the family dining room which opened up to a large window where she could gaze at the mountains across a large cotton field, she is prevailed upon, of being the quiet elusive one and outdoors every day. Learning from pure nature the creative artistry of light and shadows. she mastered the soft technique of oils. "this is where I find my happiness"

Love of the Oil
Choosing the right supplies is critical to the outcome of your work. With painstaking mistakes I have implemented and learned to create with the most professional and durable ease to smooth on paint and canvases with high quality canvas grade. Each of these paintings were created with care and dedication and I am pleased that they now are making others happy.

The Brush says it all
While navigating the isles of the brushes, oil color, solvents, varnish and canvas; I dispel the knowledge to make the best possible decision based on my ability and financial means. I covered such topics as permanency of products, ease of use, safety, and economics. I have been painting for more than 27 years drawing since I was a child and these are significant collections through those years.

Each committed client is able to purchase on-line or off- line original paintings if you prefer. I take requests  and offers on my paintings as well. please contact me for more information. and I will be happy to help you in your journey. I also provide mugs, totes, phone cases, pillows and high quality prints and more.

Through my years as an artist I have practiced and dedicated myself to my artwork. Being said, I have displayed works in community fairs and exhibitions receiving ribbons and cash awards for various paintings.

Fresh online and being that I have been reluctant to go online I have found a few sites you can view more of my paintings. You can see more published works on www.articents. com.

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